Welcome to the Testing Center

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The Testing Center still processes and posts Zeus test forms, for more information please click our Zeus test link HERE.  Any other Test forms, such as SCANTRONS, can not be run by this office. 



Test Scores

AP, CLEP, and TOEFL scores can take a week to a week and half to recieve from the date they are sent from a score company.  If there are any issues with missing scores then please use the Test Score Lookup form to initate a search for the score file. 

Write to Register

Write to Register (formerly known as Directed Self-Placement) is designed to assist you in making the best choice possible about which of the First-Year Composition options is most appropriate for your learning needs before you arrive at orientation to enroll in your courses. For more information please visit the English Department's website HERE

Pathway Questions

For more information about Pathways or Early Start please visit the Developmental Studies website