Critical Thinking Challenge Exam

General Information

The Critical Thinking Challenge Examination has two parts. You are given one and a half hours to complete the Examination. In order to pass this exam, you should be familiar with important concepts in the theory of argument such as validity and soundness, consistency and inconsistency. You should be able to analyze and evaluate arguments, and you should be able to fill in missing premises and conclusions of incomplete arguments. 

There are a number of informal logic books that should help you to prepare for this examination. Some of these texts are being used in sections of Philosophy 110. You will find copies in the Campus Bookstore or Campus Library. 

In order to give you a better idea of what you are facings we have included below the instructions and some questions from a sample Challenge Exam. 


This exam has two parts. You will have one and a half hours to complete the exam. You may budget your time as you see fit.

Part I: Consists of 70 multiple choice questions. 
Part II: A brief essay must be written analyzing and evaluating argumentation contained in a written passage.  Paper will be provided.

  • Students are allowed no aids in the exam room
  • Students may take this exam only once
  • The Exam is offered twice per year - usually in February and September



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