CMS Placement Test

General Information

The CMSPT (Composition for Multilingual Students Placement Test) is SFSU's placement test for multilingual speakers and English language learners who will complete their GE written communication classes in the Composition for Multilingual Students (CMS) Program. The purpose of the test is to diagnose students' English skills and determine their initial course placement in the program. International students must take the test in order to enroll CMS classes.


Part I: Students read a short article and then write a summary about the article.

Part II: Students compose an essay in response to the article. 

Who takes the CMSPT

All currently enrolled international students, and students who went to high school outside of the U.S.
Note: Graduate students should contact their graduate advisor to confirm written English testing requirements.

CMSPT Registration

  1. Complete the CMSPT Registration Form
  2. Pay for the test using the Payment link




CMS Program Form (required)


Cancelling Registration