Zeus Testing: Faculty & Student instruction

Update: Due to the recent renovation in the One Stop Center, Zeus drop off and pick up are now located in the Registrar's main office(SSB 303). Any more updates on the drop off location will be noted here and if you have any concerns or issues please email me directly at andrew24@sfsu.edu.



Faculty General Information

The Testing Center maintains computerized test scoring services (ZEUS) for faculty. ZEUS exams administered in class and brought to the Testing Center will produce online reports of scores and other test data. The data may be received in either HTML or Excel format. Statistics supplied include: 

  • Percentile (for each score) 
  • Number of right and wrong answers 
  • Scores and sub-scores 
  • Number of items graded 
  • Number omitted on key 
  • Number obtaining each different raw score
  • The corresponding percentile, mean, and standard deviation 
  • The number and percent responding to each choice of each item

Faculty, upon submission of tests, are required to uniquely identify their test by a combination of Course Sort (Schedule Number/Class Number) and Date. Instructors may also obtain a report of student scores, a statistical analysis of the test characteristics, and an itemized analysis of the individual questions and their interrelationship. Services are provided within three working days of submission of the test to the Testing Center.

What is needed to use Zeus

ZEUS Instructor Form (Answer Key): May be obtained from Testing Services at the One Stop in the Student Services Building.

ZEUS Student Form: Is purchased by students in the SFSU Bookstore.

NOTE: Scantron forms will NOT work with the Zeus test scoring program.


Filling in the Instructor Form

The fields listed below must be filled out correctly for the Instructor form to be processed without issue and the results posted. 

  • Name: User’s last name, first initial and middle initial
  • Course Sort Number: The “Schedule Number” or "Class Number" for the current semester. This number can be found by going to the SFSU home page / Academics / Student Resources / Class Schedule. (NOTE: If your schedule number is only 4 digits you MUST enter a 0 in the first field, for example, 0####)
  • Date: This is usually the date of the test.
The Course Sort Number (Schedule Number) and the Date, uniquely identify this test and are required to run the ZEUS report.



Optional Reports

Depending on the choices made by faculty on the instructor form, students may now retrieve, through SF State Gateway, one of three types of reports.

  1. The basic report, generated by choosing “Scores” on the Key sheet will include scores, sub-scores, scoring formulae, mean, percentile and standard deviation.
  2. If choosing the “Responses” option on the Key, students will be able to view a columnar display of their responses to the test questions, identified by an adjacent columnar list of the test item numbers.
  3. If choosing the “Scored Responses” option, they will receive the “Responses” report (above) along with an additional adjacent column indicating the correct answer to the question and a fourth column headed “Was your answer correct?”.

Students with incorrect identifying information on their answer forms (Course sort, Student Number) will not be able to view test results through their SF State Gateway. Also, please note, faculty wishing to limit disclosure and sharing of data relating to test questions and their correct answers should probably use option #1

Online Access to Scores

Score reports will be viewable online by following these steps:

  1. Sign into SF State Gateway
  2. Under Faculty and Staff, select Class Services
  3. Select the semester under Prerequisite Roster, and click "Go"
  4. Select desired options on the ZEUS menu then select the "Request ZEUS Test Report" button.

Student Information

Students with incorrect identifying information on their answer forms (Course sort, Student Number) will not be able to view test results through their SF State Gateway.

Students seeking test results should:

1) Sign into their SF State Gateway (Not the Student Center)

2) Under "Student", click on "Academics"

3) Select "Test Score Report"

4) Find the relevant Course Sort Number and click the "Detail" link to view the score. 


Please inform us of any problems you encounter when using the system or changes you would like to see in the reporting of scores and other test data.  You can inform the front desk staff or send your suggestions by email to testing@sfsu.edu.