Exam Proctoring General Information

Our Proctoring Service is currently on hold for the year, other proctoring locations are listed below.



Alternative Locations

If your test fails to meet any of our requirements then we will not be able to proctor the test for you. Other locations for proctoring are listed below.  

Daly City Library

Location: Daly City

Fee: 50$/exam. Cash/Check/Card

Limitations: Daly City, Colma & Broadmoor Residents Only

Website: http://www.dalycity.org/Page1089.aspx

Menlo Park Library

Location: Menlo Park

Fee: 50$/exam. Cash/Check/Card

Limitations: Only Paper/Pencil

Website: http://www.menlopark.org/538/Exam-Proctoring

San Bruno Library

Location: San Bruno

Fee: 25$/exam. Cash/Check

Limitations: Only Paper/Pencil


Bay Area Testing Center

Location: Millbrae

Fee: 25$/exam resident 75$/exam non-resident.


Website: http://co86369.wix.com/batc#!services/ca4p

CSU East Bay

Location: Hayward

Fee: 50$/exam/4hrs. 25$/add.2hrs


Website: http://www.csueastbay.edu/academic/colleges-and-departments/apgs/testing...


Location: San Jose

Fee: 30$/first Hr. 10$/add. Half Hr. Cash/Check/MO


Website:  http://testing.sjsu.edu/proctor/

Mechanics' Institute Library

Location: San Francisco

Fee Structure: Exam Fees effective January 1, 2018

≤3 hours = $90 members / $150 nonmembers

3+-6 hours= $155 members / $225 nonmembers

6+-8 hours = $200 members / $300 nonmembers


Website: https://www.milibrary.org/policies/proctoring