Accommodations for the Entry Level Math exam (ELM) and English Placement Test (EPT)

Follow the steps below to apply for ELM and EPT accommodations. 

1. Go to the ETS website to register for a test, dates and locations are provided once registered. 

2. When registering, click the button that requests accommodations.

3. Within 3-4 business days you will receive a Testing Center email with instructions and an Accommodations Form that you and a school counselor or other professional who can confirm your request will need to fill out and sign.  

  • Incomplete forms cannot be processed and will be returned. 

4. The Accommodation Form can be emailed ( or faxed (415-338-0589) to us, make sure to include the date of the exam you are taking.  

  • Return completed Accommodation Forms 2 weeks before the test date.
  • Feel free to contact us to confirm we've received your completed form.

5. You will be contacted the week of the exam to get the exact date and location of where you will be reporting for the test.

  • The time may be different than the time of the non-accommodated tests
  • If you are requesting double time and taking both Placement tests, then the test will be divided into two days, usually one will take place the Saturday of the test and the other will happen the day before (Friday).

6. For any questions, please contact the Testing Center at 415-338-2271.

Accommodations for SF State tests for SF State students

For students who are already enrolled at SFSU and taking an SF State offered test, such as CHEM 115, please follow the below instructions. 

  • Register for the exam online. 
  • Go to the DPRC to get the necessary form to bring to our window (One Stop, Window 8).
  • Bring us the form at least a week before the exam date.